Use Parking System Software to Guarantee Enforcement and Ticket Generation

16 Apr 2017

Parking System Software

Parking enforcement systems must be able to quickly and easily generate tickets when called upon to do so. While the point of modern system upgrades is not just to catch more rule breakers and write more tickets, but to also ensure greater compliance and guarantee parking revenue, that revenue is contingent on making sure everybody pays their fair share, and that violators who don’t are fined when they break the rules.

Parking enforcement software is key to guaranteeing accurate enforcement and generating tickets. Older parking systems relied on meters, pocket change, and analog systems to monitor a given area. Though these analog systems were great for what they were, they could be beaten relatively easily, leaving a certain amount of revenue on the table. That’s not the case with modern software-based systems, which allow people to pay using their smartphones while also keeping tabs on parking rights with always-up, always-on cloud storage databases. These features guarantee that everybody pays what they should, when they should, and that violators are promptly penalized.

In this way, parking software offers a perfect modern solution for municipalities looking to update their parking enforcement systems, given the omnipresence of technology in our daily lives.

Parking System Software Manages Compliance

In 2014, a study found that 58% of American adults have smartphones. It’s guaranteed that number has increased since, based on demographic trends alone. It makes sense, then, that modern parking enforcement systems have shifted to rely on those smartphones (combined with smart pay stations) while steadily moving away from any reliance on pocket change. Together, with pay station kiosks at which people can pay via credit card if they don’t have a smartphone, this new setup is more convenient and user-friendly than what came before.

New parking software also lets parking enforcement officers make great use of one defining, unique characteristic present on every vehicle: license plate numbers. Since every car has its own license plate, that number can be used to monitor that specific vehicle. Once loaded to the database, parking enforcement officers will know in a matter of seconds on recording a plate number with license plate recognition cameras if the vehicle has the proper rights for the space in which it’s parked. This sets up a unified workflow that guarantees enforcement by generating tickets immediately upon rights verification and clearance of real-time PlateCheck and FinalCheck last-chance protocols.

It is those final real-time verification processes that safeguard the accuracy of enforcement. When a parking system is easy to use, people trust it to be fair and accurate, and potential violators know they can’t beat it the way they might have in the past, everyone is more willing to pay the proper fare every time they park.

Parking System Software

Ensuring Greater Revenue with Parking System Software

The use of smartphones and advanced parking systems further guarantees this revenue by allowing up-to-the-second renewals by parkers from remote locations. Instead of being forced to choose between running back to plug a meter or rushing through what they’re doing and hustling back to the car in the hope an enforcement officer won’t come by while it sits expired, parkers can top off their plate number or pay a new fare with their smartphone, making for a better experience on their end and, not for nothing, a new transaction processed by the municipality.

More transactions means greater compliance and revenue as well as fewer wasted resources on ticket challenges thanks to more accurate enforcement. By increasing compliance and generating more accurate tickets, municipalities will correspondingly have more robust spending power over the long-term. This can impact cities and towns for the better by, for instance, allowing for infrastructure improvements that can lead to further parking system upgrades that can lead to even greater revenue growth. A well thought out parking plan puts it all in motion by capitalizing on the latest trends in digital devices and enforcement technology, as well as real-time and machine-to-machine communication.

Use Parking System Software to Improve Enforcement and Make Money

Modern parking system improvements make the process of enforcement more efficient while simultaneously improving public relations with more satisfied visitors and daily commuters. And perhaps best of all, the parking system software is more cost-effective and sustainable than older infrastructures that are not conducive to easy upgrades. Parking technology is just one way to inject new capital into local budgets, but it is a modern, forward-thinking one with the potential to yield truly impressive results.

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