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Taking mobile all the way with android based parking management solutions

Android Parking Solutions

When transitioning to mobile parking enforcement, the operating system used will have a major effect on how the switch goes over. Android-based parking management solutions offer fantastic device flexibility and wide-ranging compatibility. Many e-citations software vendors have already adopted the platform for their proprietary services, which makes on-boarding new devices and getting everything up to speed as simple as can be. This helps cities and towns get new enforcement solutions going more efficiently while allowing more time for agencies to dedicate to educating the public setting them on the path to full compliance.


There are many options municipalities can use when it comes to mobile enforcement devices. Cheap commercial smartphones from any wireless carrier could be an option. For something a little more durable, manufacturers like Panasonic and Honeywell make rugged devices that can be calibrated to specifically fit operational needs. Enforcement officials could also get specialized devices that feature both the rugged parking management unit and smartphone capability. Each of these options will work with the most popular Zebra printers for cranking out tickets on the spot, as well, and all can be compatible with license plate recognition (LPR) systems. As long as the e-citation software works with Android, cities or towns can choose their favorite option with no compatibility concerns.


Android Based Parking ManagementHandheld LPR on an Android smartphone makes mobile parking management easier for parking enforcement officers.

With handheld Android smartphones, officials can take a picture of the violator’s plate and the violation itself. Once these pictures are loaded to the system, the official chooses the make, model, color, and any other details regarding the vehicle, as well as the specific violation, from a series of drop down menus. Should a ticket be issued, the plate number will be matched with a DMV record for follow up. If there is any missing information a ticket cannot be printed out. This virtually eliminates human error from the process and ensures greater accuracy right from the start. PlateCheck is an additional catchall proprietary algorithm that cross checks a plate number entered in error. This type of ‘forgiveness’ benefits parkers who are no longer forced to literally ‘pay’ for a genuine mistake.

With vehicle LPR systems, as soon as a license plate is read by a license plate recognition camera it will be shared with a database. If it’s on a hotlist of plates of interest, the officer is notified immediately. The system can be easily configured to keep tabs on plates referenced in amber or terror alerts, and with a fail-safe that prevents the parking checkers themselves from being put into harm’s way while police or other authorities are notified of the vehicle’s whereabouts. Fines are auto-populated based on type of infraction, and after pinging the command center, a vehicle’s entire ticket history can be referenced in case more extreme measures are to be taken such as a boot or tow dispatch.

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