Parking Rights in the Cloud: A Secure and Reliable Parking Management System

14 Apr 2017

Parking Rights in the Cloud

Parking management is undergoing a technological revolution. While many management solutions have been digitally-focused for years, parking management is entering a brave new world where everything is digital for the first time. In fact, the only tangible part of many parking transactions is the ticket received by violators.

Everything else happens in the cloud.

If that sounds a little too futuristic, don’t worry, it really isn’t. It’s actually a more straightforward and secure way of doing business. Here’s how it works.

Creating Redundancies with Cloud Based Management

When a city provides its own server hosting, many different things can go wrong. This is not because the municipality doesn’t know what it’s doing, but rather is simply a matter of being spread too thin. Sometimes, real-time connection goes down, and without backup servers in place that can mean lost revenue and violations issued in error.

To combat this, cloud-based parking management utilizes two servers hosted in geographically separate locations and managed by a dedicated team. Municipalities will have their parking rights system hosted on each server simultaneously. That way, if there is an interruption in one server, the other one automatically takes over. This redundancy keeps connections solid in the event communication is lost for any period of time. The focus is on maintaining high availability and ensuring failover success in the case of interruption. With cloud hosting, you’re guaranteed an uptime of 99.99%. Say goodbye to downtime related ticketing mistakes and lost revenue.

Over 30 Different Payment Providers Integrate Seamlessly with Cloud-Based Parking Rights Servers

In an effort to simplify the integration process, these systems utilize Simple Object Access Protocol, SOAP for short. This allows a wide variety of programmatic languages (Java, HTML, etc.) to be used, which means that basically any technology can be interfaced to the cloud-based system.

More payment methods means greater availability for everybody – no more digging for exact change, and renewal of parking rights can be done via an app on your phone. This broader infrastructure also allows for the addition of more technology as needed. In short: It’s much easier to scale, so everybody wins!

Parking Rights in the Cloud

Better Security, More Availability in the Cloud

The same technologies also give you the ability to constantly monitor critical resources using a heartbeat protocol that triggers failover switches when necessary. In addition, load-balancers leverage this protocol to guarantee high availability so that no matter the scenario, downtime is never a mitigating factor in providing service to paying customers.

These servers also catch errors parking enforcement officers can’t. Whether due to input errors or momentarily downed connections, the web application identifies and corrects errors thanks to built-in fail-safes that account for both human and machine error.

The result? A clean, efficient, hands-off system that virtually never goes down and makes it almost impossible to issue a ticket in error.

A Better Way to Manage Parking Rights

Cloud-based parking management utilizes two separate servers in two separate places (in fact, two separate states). Data is pushed to both servers, setting up a failsafe redundancy that protects parking rights and the enforcement process. It works with a municipality’s preferred payment system, as well, be that meter payment, phone payment, permits, or pay stations utilizing pay by plate or pay by space.

Fast deployment, low operations costs, central management, greater security, and—most importantly—more uptime makes this a modern solution perfect for virtually any town or city. In particular, it works great with those that have a hybrid neighborhood geography, or numerous combination commercial/residential areas with complicated parking rights situations.

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