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Does your parking management software impact productivity?

Does your parking management software impact productivity?

Here’s some food for thought: If nothing changes, nothing changes. This is true of seeing enhanced productivity from your parking management software. Technology and expectations are ever mounting these days. We recently shared that the current landscape we live in includes a tremendous amount of technology that keep businesses and other entities moving forward with nothing more than software upgrades.

So yes, it does make an impact. Productivity can be vastly improved by modernizing dated parking technology. Transitioning to pay by plate is one avenue you can use to create a more productive parking management software.

How parking management software can influence productivity

To realize this type of scenario for parking management software, cities do have to take a big step. So, to be clear, we’re not saying there’s no leap involved! It isn’t simple to move away from parking enforcement technology and infrastructure that worked for a long time, such as low tech parking meters and solid personnel teams to staff these more labor intensive parking systems. Though, taking the leap to transition to pay by plate parking is almost sure to provide your city with more long term advantages than short term headaches.

Pay by plate parking benefits, and other benefits from modern software solutions, include:

  • Reduction of human error
  • Little to no guess work
  • Increased compliance
  • Less time spent on enforcement activities
  • Alignment to resident, visitor, and other local parking personas’ use, reliance, and preference of software in daily lives

Pay by plate parking benefits in action

Take the City of Pittsburgh, for example. A switch to pay by plate parking ultimately meant that personnel could be repurposed to improve quality of service to citizens. License plate recognition technology  meant more efficient enforcement while increasing compliance.

Also, license plate recognition enforcement is quite a bit more reliable thanks to less human error that was associated with taking down plate numbers manually or parker input error. The flexibility pay by plate offers drivers leads to fewer violations, too.

Of course, you must still be prepared to address kiosk issues and interface outages, but, these are very rare and our system has an number of security measures in place to circumvent such scenarios.

The most important point: less tickets, more revenue! Who doesn’t love a growing number of happy citizens? This brings you far closer to meeting your customers’ needs eye to eye and enjoying an efficient, productive parking enforcement system.

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