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One-piece vs Two-piece Solution

One-piece vs Two-piece Solution
  • (0:08 )Hello my name is Mike Bourre VP of Sales & Marketing at gtechna.
  • (0:12 )Today we want to talk to you about where things are going with mobile enforcement devices.
  • (0:18 )In the past, we used to see a lot of these one-piece devices. But as the future rolls along, we really think that the two-piece solution is going to be the mainstay and here are a couple of compelling reasons.
  • (0:33 )With this device you are really limited to only giving out tickets with it.
  • (0:39 )With this device, because it is a smartphone you can do email, you can do texting, and as everyone knows, there are thousands and thousands of applications out there. The only limiting factor here is your imagination.
  • (0:55 )So quite a difference in what you can do with the two devices.
  • (1:00 )The other thing is as an example if you go with a smartphone, you can usually get these smartphones almost for free when you get activation with your cell provider. A lot of cell providers out there today will enhance your cell solution every year and if you have a note 3, they will provide you with a note 4 the next year at no charge.
  • (1:26 )Your technology, the hardware that you have in hand can stay up to date as you move forward.
  • (1:33 )With this device you are stuck 2-3 years at least behind the technology and as you move forward, you are stuck with it.
  • (1:43 )We really believe that separating the computing device from the printer is essential.
  • (1:50 )With this device, as it gets old I can change it but if the printer still works, I can just match it up with a new computing device.
  • (1:58 )We think that that is the way to the future.
  • (2:01 )Thank you for your time.

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