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Planning for migrating to digital meters and pay by plate parking

Planning for migrating to digital meters and pay by plate parking

You’ve leveled with the upper echelon and you’ve shared why you and your peers still have all the conviction in the world around moving to pay by plate parking and the benefits of digital parking meters. Your superiors will want to know how this transition would play out. Share with them that the first big undertakings would include initiating a comprehensive system assessment and frankly evaluating the budget.

Your talking points on this type of assessment and the budget evaluation exercise:

Comprehensive system assessment

In order to know where you’re going and how to get there, you first have to thoroughly understand where you are.

This assessment is focused entirely on the actual systems in place rather than parking occupancy and facility condition evaluations unlike many parking studies that measure the performance and physical condition of their overall parking operations.

Budget evaluation

There are usually significant savings, productivity and revenue enhancements that are identified in the Comprehensive System Assessment that will impact the overall budget positively. These come in the form of:

  • Eliminating or greatly reducing the cost of maintaining and operating a legacy on and/or off-street system (especially true during the initial warranty period which is generally one to two years in length depending on the manufacturer)
  • Productivity and labor efficiencies
  • Consolidating and integrating different systems under one unified solution

Transition plan

The previously mentioned system improvements have been proven to save money and increase revenues.

The transition plan should include a cost/benefit analysis featuring goals and milestones for these improvements, which will greatly help in identifying and prioritizing next steps of transitioning to an integrated pay by plate system.

Closing thoughts

Your superiors will see right through transition proposals wrought with “it’s all rainbows and butterflies” notions. Remember to be genuine and authentic with them. Will there be challenges in moving to smart parking meters and pay by plate parking? Yes. Are set backs a possibility? Yes!

Having a solid, proactive plan at arm’s length is how those challenges will be best addressed, but unexpected blunders are inevitable—especially the bigger the implementation. Assuming open minds, it’s a great idea to recommend a task force dedicated to the transition effort. Casting a wide net for the range of talents and duties is wise for this daunting yet highly beneficial transition!

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