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Metrolinx expands with gtechna technology

Metrolinx expands with gtechna technology

Metrolinx has created an award-winning transportation system that leverages technology and integrates it across multiple platforms, and it’s all centered around a positive customer experience. Since purchasing GoTransit in 2006, Metrolinx has invested significantly in the expansion of its transit system and serves the Metro and Greater Toronto area by providing transportation services to more than 7 million residents across 11,000 square kilometers. But with this increase in ridership came a need to update their technology. To help with this, Metrolinx turned to gtechna.

The Metrolinx team knew that as they expanded, the outdated technology they were using to communicate, to issue tickets, and to complete paperwork just wasn’t going to work anymore; they were bulky and took too much time. Metrolinx is focused on creating a positive customer experience, now and in the future. They have a unique situation because not only are they issuing tickets to parkers and riders, they’re issuing tickets to their patrons. They want to ensure that they can take care of their patrons in the most efficient, respectable way possible. By partnering with gtechna, they’ve shown that they’re future-focused and willing to do the work to make their system transparent and user-friendly. gtechna has been happy to not only help deliver the right technology, but to do their part in showing that choosing a customer-friendly solution creates a win-win scenario by benefiting the user, the organization, and the city.

By taking an honest look at their situation and doing the hard work to update their systems, Metrolinx can grow into the future with the confidence that the technology they’ve chosen and their partnership with gtechna will give them the tools they need to succeed.

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