How to Future-Proof your Parking Enforcement Systems

19 Jul 2016


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This digital age we live in sees tons of technology and concepts that, with the help of simple software upgrades, will be timeless.

No longer must we have cash and coin on us at all times for most coffee, lunch, or other such establishments. now places like McDonald’s and Starbucks seem to expect to complete transactions by credit card or mobile payment. Can you even remember when you could only get your Supersized meal if you had cash on you?

Then, there’s the Tesla, which is no doubt a pretty penny to purchase, but offers its drivers the peace of mind that as technology enhancements pop up, the car can simply update its software to match the times. As well, most people are using their cell phones more and more like one of their extremities—conducting their business and personal lives in countless ways, all in the palm of their hands.

What About Parking Management Systems?

Given all of this, it becomes increasingly clear that businesses and government need align to the needs, wants, and habits of the citizenry. To that end, parking is no exception!

For those charged with keeping up with the times such that visitors, residents, and other effected persons have a breezy parking experience that, in turn, eases traffic congestion burdens and find-a-spot woes, the question becomes: what parking management systems can future-proof parking?

Let’s look at it this way: While a parking meter can only accept coins ‘till the end of time, a pay by plate parking system can allow  you the opportunity to upgrade software, as needed for example, across multiple enforcement zone types. Further, with older pay station and meter technology, key enforcement and payment data, namely the plate number, are not automatically part of the same database. Whereas generally speaking, pay by plate parking systems can mean increased compliance, fewer disputed tickets, increased revenue, increased parking space utilization, and a reduction of parking attendant staff. Antiquated parking management systems like the basic parking meter simply can’t do the same for a city.

Every municipality should have the ability to make changes to the technology (hardware and software) that fuels their city’s parking system. But they should also have the ability to be able to update and upgrade the technology, as-needed, without having to rework the infrastructure itself. It’s staying ahead of the game, and this is where the true future-proof power lies. In a nutshell, pay by plate is like the parking gift that keeps on giving.

How Would Future-Proofed Parking Work for You?

We think it may work out a lot like it did for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of our clients, you can see our case study on what pay by plate did for them. Get the slide deck and learn more about the pay by plate parking system and why solutions like this are the way of the future:

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