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Go Contactless, Stay Safe with Online Hearing Self-Scheduling

Go Contactless, Stay Safe with Online Hearing Self-Scheduling

The next generation in the evolution of online services is here. 

Since the inception of the first computer, digital transformation has always seemed inevitable. But in the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, it’s transcended its status as a means of convenience and into a necessity to maintain health and safety.

As a municipal leader, it’s imperative that you ensure the services you provide are not only accessible and functional, but operate in conjunction with current legal requirements and recommendations and help promote the well-being of your constituents. When it comes to parking, that means providing citizens with the ability to avoid processes that might require an in-person appearance, such as paying or appealing tickets. 

Fortunately, it’s not something you have to develop or source yourself. At gtechna, we’ve already done the legwork of creating a solution that will keep your services rolling and your constituents addressing their parking needs safely: Online Hearing Self-scheduling. 

Here’s why you should adopt Online Hearing Self-scheduling

If you’ve already undertaken measures to make your parking enforcement more efficient for your officers and municipality, and more convenient for your citizens, it won’t be difficult to see why adopting online hearing self-scheduling is an integral next step in transforming your service for the better. 

At a base level, the benefits of this system run parallel to those already established by a View + Pay + Appeal Ticket online portal: widespread accessibility, convenience, and reduced physical processing. But in the new era of public health concerns, it provides significant advantages that stem beyond simply being easier to use. 

Essential safety in a public health crisis

Most importantly, online hearing self-scheduling is absolutely crucial to being able to keep constituents, officers, administrators, and judges from handling shared paperwork, let alone being required to appear for in-person scheduling and/or hearings in which proximity in an indoor setting may be subject to the physical dimensions of the space. 

Instead, each constituent will be able to quickly schedule their hearing online at their convenience, at which point they can connect with their municipality’s administration and move forward with the appropriate steps of handling their ticket. 

Convenient customer experience

Much like having a View + Pay + Appeal Ticket online portal, extending the usage of your digital platform greatly improves the end-to-end customer experience, especially since it effectively digitizes the next step in the process for anyone needing to address their ticket beyond outright paying or requesting an appeal. 

In addition, as many municipalities are already actively trying to address reducing in-person hearings due to health and safety protocol, digitizing scheduling means a smoother transition into being able to take the entire service online. From having digital access to viewing or paying their ticket to scheduling a hearing, customers will much more easily be able to coordinate with the municipality hosting the hearing and be able to see the entire process through from the safety of their home—all without compromising the integrity of the outcome.

Efficient streamlined end-user and administrative process

While general safety and the user experience are both vitally important, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits gained by the municipalities that employ online hearing self-scheduling. 

Instead of being burdened with other forms of acceptable communications as part of the hearing scheduling process, let alone any that necessitate follow-up and/or confirmation to properly ensure constituents can secure an appointment, administrative staff will be nearly free of having to coordinate back-and-forth with users. 

With schedule availability updated in real-time, any chances for double-booking will be significantly reduced, if not outright eliminated, saving additional scheduling issues from needing to be addressed by administrators—saving the department time and money, allowing them to focus on more important processes. 

In the end, adopting online hearing self-scheduling is win-win for everyone involved, and takes your municipality one step closer to providing a safe, secure, end-to-end service with your parking enforcement.

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