Getting Buy-In for Pay by Plate Parking Systems

17 May 2016

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Pay by Plate Parking Kiosk

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Pay by Plate Parking Kiosk

So you’ve hung your hat on this cutting-edge parking infrastructure technology: pay by plate parking. After all, it is the parking solution of the future. You see the value the solution would add to your daily tasks and to the daily tasks of your employees and other colleagues. The trouble is you have some others who need to get on board in order to realize the benefits of a pay by plate solution. Obtaining the buy-in of your superiors—parking director, city council, IT managers, and other decision makers alike—requires consideration of your approach. So how do you get buy-in for pay by plate parking?

Approaching your superiors involves rigorous preparation if you want results. In addition to gathering the right data to support such a transition, you should step into their shoes and ask yourself what they care about most and what questions and objections might they raise. Simply conveying data points and your energy around the idea of transitioning to pay by plate parking won’t guarantee buy-in of your decision makers, so be prepared to temper your passion around the new parking system concept.

Your challenge is this: How can you demonstrate that you understand the reality of budget limitations, the diversity of your customer base, and the fact that your current parking equipment investments may not be fully paid off and still convince your superiors on the merits of shifting to pay by plate parking anyway?


Essentially, position your proposal as a solution to problems upper management face. This demonstrates your ability to relate to them on their terms as well as a palpable commitment to upgrades in the overall operational landscape of your parking jurisdiction. Let’s first touch on the common heartburn areas your superiors experience when considering other parking software, equipment, and enforcement solutions:

  • Budget Limitations: The department needs to meet fiscal requirements and may have limited staffing resources.
  • Diverse Customer Base: Customers have various and, sometimes, competing needs.
  • Current Parking Investments: Capital investments for on and off-street equipment may not be fully amortized.


Additionally, take the opportunity to share that pay by plate would ease some of the dynamics that keep you up at night. For instance, you must reconcile keeping a fleet of your own team of officers happy yet productive on a daily basis. As well, you have certain top of mind day-to-day operational matters to think about like quotas regarding issued tickets and payment compliance around those tickets. Acknowledging their pain points and yours sets the stage to position pay by plate as the answer to these challenges.

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Pay by Plate Parking

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Pay by Plate Parking

Leverage Benefits for Buy-In

Demonstrate in your conversation that you understand the challenges and limitations, and then: CONTEST THEM. This is where you showcase the facts, sharing the many proven benefits of transitioning to a pay by plate parking solution as experienced by other municipalities that adopted the solution.

  • Seamless system for all with multiple payment methods, and low overhead
  • Citizen appreciation of convenience of features like mobile payments
  • Less is actually more, making for a happy Mayor and City Council too, thanks to increased payment compliance
  • Gradual investment to transition by building on existing infrastructure
  • Effective parking solutions = increased vehicle turnover and overall enhanced quality of life for visitors and residents alike.


Learn More About Getting Buy-In for Pay By Plate

To go more in depth on getting buy-in for a transition to pay by plate, download our recent white paper. Not only will Transitioning to Pay by Plate on Your Own Terms help to arm you with information to use to bring others on board, but it is a helpful resource you can pass along to others who are looking for more information.

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